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(2020) Volume 1, Issue 3

The Role of “Naqoosh” in the Development of Urdu Literature

  1. Dr. Muhammad Afzal Butt
  2. Rubina Zaidi
Abstract: Monthly “Naqoosh” was a trend setter Urdu magazine started by Muhammad Tufail in March 1948. It published creative works along with critical writings. It flourished a particular trend of publishing numerous “Khas Numbers”. These khas numbers have the worth of Encyclopedias. The role played by this magazine for the development of Urdu literature and research during its third period is worth mentioning in golden words in the history of Urdu literature
Keyswords: Trend, Urdu magazine, Creative, Critical, Particular, Encyclopedia, Literature
Pages: 1-34
Article: 1 , Volume 1 , Issue 3
DOI Number: 10.47205/makhz.2020(1-III)1
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Features of Urdu Script: An Overview

  1. Mr Haroon
  2. Dr. Muhammad Arshad Ovaisi
Abstract: Different kinds of writing scripts are being used in the world to represent Different languages. These scripts have deep emotional, cultural and conventional relations with their societies and languages. The validity, usefulness, smartness and effectiveness have been judged by different techniques, methods and aesthetical aspects. Urdu script is known as one of artistic miracles. That has marvellous charm, attraction and wondrous structure. Urdu script has obtained the highest and glorious peak of fame, expansion and reliability. In this research article an effort has been made to express aesthetical charm, scope and benefits of Urdu script (Jameel Noori Nastaleeq).
Keyswords: Kinds, Writing, Scripts, Languages, Emotional, Cultural, Conventional, Relations, Societies, Artistic
Pages: 35-44
Article: 2 , Volume 1 , Issue 3
DOI Number: 10.47205/makhz.2020(1-III)2
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Urdu Tazkira ---- Research and Criticism

  1. Dr. Anila Saleem
  2. Dr. Shagufta Firdous
Abstract: Tazkirah is one of the most significant and inattentive genre of Urdu literature.these tazkaray reflects the poetic situation of respective Eras (periods) effectively. Structure of different genres like criticism, biography, history and reseach is mainly based on Tazkirahs. Initially Tazkirahs of Urdu poets were written in Persian. It can also be estimated by their number that help can be sought in connection with the conditions of the old poets and their poetry and such examples are there in our literary research asset. Research and criticism on this genre of literarture is also, in this article effort has been made to collect all those books, prefaces and research articles which are related to this topic. As research and criricism on Tazkirahs is also a considerable aspect of literature Under consideration thesis identifiesthe currently available material according to year of publication for prominenting the dimention of work done on Tazkirahs.
Keyswords: Tazkirah, Garsen Detasi, Abdul Haque, Ansar Ullah, Nikaatush shuara, Kaleem ud Din Ahmed, springer, Makhzan.e.nikaat
Pages: 45-62
Article: 3 , Volume 1 , Issue 3
DOI Number: 10.47205/makhz.2020(1-III)3
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Literature and Esthetics values

  1. Muhammad Khurram
  2. Saher Mobeen
Abstract: It is necessary for Literature to have great thoughts and excellent literary style; because of this, the idea of literature for literature is also put forth along with the topic of literature for life. According to this notion it is important to have esthetic values in literature. In the viewpoint of some experts, the true purpose of literature is in the beauty of creativity. The supporters of this viewpoint judge literature on the basis of creativity and the ability to use words. According to people holding this viewpoint, literature should have features that enhance the literary beauty and the uniqueness of any work. But, in this perspective the only purpose of literature would be the pleasure in connection of words and the importance of literature will only lie merely in the beauty of sentences. On the contrary, the truth is that literature for life and literature for literature, both are important for a highly appreciable piece of art. Therefore, any poetic verse or literary work is not complete unless it satisfies the conditions of both, life and artistic style.
Keyswords: Literature. Great thoughts. Literary style. Esthetic values. Beauty of creativity. Literature for life. Literature for literature. Piece of art
Pages: 63-70
Article: 4 , Volume 1 , Issue 3
DOI Number: 10.47205/makhz.2020(1-III)4
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“ Kai Chand they Sar-e-Asman” Historical and Poetic Characters

  1. Muhammad Shahbaz
  2. Mujahid Hussain
Abstract: Shamsur Rehman Farooqi's novel "Kai Chand They Sar-e-Asman" is ranked as one of the seminal works of the first decade of the twenty first century. In this work, Farooqi has in the wake of countours of Indo-Islamic civilization has brought out through some very living and thriving historical and literary characters. The researcher has through analytical lens brought out the exquisite way Farooqi has crafted the historical and literary characters of his novel
Keyswords: Farooqi, Novel, Indo Islamic Civilization, Historical Characters, Poetic Characters
Pages: 71- 86
Article: 5 , Volume 1 , Issue 3
DOI Number: 10.47205/makhz.2020(1-III)5
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Urdu Literature is a Clear Reflection of Muslim Culture

  1. Dr. Asma Rani
  2. Muhammad Abrar Siddiqui
Abstract: From the beginning of Urdu language and literature to the present day of its development and rise, Muslims have always nurtured it. It is the manifestation of the mental and intellectual endeavors of the Muslim. The cultural aspect of Urdu language and literature is very bright and radiant. Due to which a nation is considered to be more cheerful humorous, civilized, polite and mentally elevated than other nations. This include the fine art i.e. literature, poetry, painting music and other occupations that human beings help to evoke and refine the sublet and beautiful taste of Urdu. It is a matter of pride that Urdu language and literature possesses on extra ordinary culture heritage. Undoubtedly, there is a valuable treasure of culture intellectual and creative excellence in Urdu literature. In this article, we will review these creations
Keyswords: Urdu literature, culture and Muslim culture, novel, short story, poetry
Pages: 87-98
Article: 6 , Volume 1 , Issue 3
DOI Number: 10.47205/makhz.2020(1-III)6
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Modern and post-modern (colonial / post-colonial) resistance Urdu poetry

  1. Muhammad Aman Ullah Khan
  2. Dr. Naheed Qamar
Abstract: Colonialism is strictly referred to the policies and Methods by an Imperial Power maintained and extended its control over the territories or People. A policy of extending a Country’s Power and influence through diplomacy or military. It also affects the literature of the Subject Country which is controlled by the colonialist. This Article Present an analysis of Colonial system and its impact on Urdu Poem.
Keyswords: Revolutionary Struggle, Cultural and Literary identity, Sir Sayyad, Azad, Hali, Post-Colonial, Reaction, Anjuman Punjab
Pages: 99-112
Article: 7 , Volume 1 , Issue 3
DOI Number: 10.47205/makhz.2020(1-III)7
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