ISSN(Print): 2709-9636 | ISSN(Online) : 2709-9644 | ISSN-L : 2709-9636

Scope and Mission

Scope of the Journal

Makhz considers all manuscripts, book reviews, review articles and commentaries related to any aspect of Urdu languages, literature, Islamic Sharia, Islamic Studies, as well as Persian, Arabic, Punjabi, Pashto, Sindhi,Balochi, Sub-provincial regional languages, Saraiki, Gujari, Brahui, Shina, Kashmiri and other local languages in the region. Research and critical works from Language, Linguistics and Literature perspectives are welcomed for submission, however, all submissions must be written in Urdu and Arabic only. The journal does not entertain any kind of submissions in any languages other than Urdu or Arabic.

Mission Statement

The mission of Makhz is standardization of Urdu, Arabic, Islamic Sharia, Literature and local languages research and criticism particularly in Universities. We need to patronize and work for our National and regional languages and there can be no better way than focusing on research works which can provide authentic data to promote our languages, literature and culture. The journal facilitates publication of the Urdu and Sharia researchers and scholars in universities of Pakistan and abroad, their research projects under the defined procedures and guidelines. Researchers and scholars of Urdu and other local languages outside universities can also send their research articles. Makhz strictly follows the rules and regulations set by HEC for journals.