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The Invasion of Sikandar e Azam on Punjab in folk literature


  1. Dr. Iftikhar Ahmad Sulehri
    Assistant Professor, Department of Punjabi, GC University, Lahore
  2. Wasif Latif
    Lecturer, Department of Urdu, GC University, Lahore


In this article the invasion of Sikander e Azam on Punjab has been described. He had attacked on Punjab in 326 BC. Raja Umbhi of Taxila accepted his obedience and invited to attack his enemy Raja Porus. Raja Porus defeated Alexander the Great. The battle between Raja Porus and Alexander continued. When Raja Porus tried to spear Alexander, his eyes fell on the Ganna tied on his hand. And he remembered his promise to his sister Noshaba, that he would not kill his sister's boyfriend. In order to keep his promise, he leaves Alexander and does not care about his own life. Then, when he is wounded and presented to the court as a prisoner by Alexander's soldiers, Alexander asks the king what to do with him. King Porus bravely responds that I should be treated as one King treats another King. Alexander was impressed by King Porus's answer and seeing his bravery, returns his kingdom to him and goes back.


Sikander e Azam, Raja Porus, Punjab, invasion, 326 BC, Raja Umbhi, Taxila, Noshaba, kingdom


Article # 11
Volume # 1
Issue # 3

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