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Ahmad Nadeem Qasmi - Poet of love and Peace


  1. Dr. Shagufta Firdous
    Assistant Professor /Director Student Affairs, GC Women University, Sialkot


Ahmad Nadeem Qasmi is 20th century’s eminent, distinguished Urdu poet. His intellectual approach towards life and human relationship is very appreciated able. Through his poetic message he tried to promote message of love and conducive environment for peace. He considered the sorrows of others as his own. He was witness of world war and migration, so his poetry emerged as a representative of love and peace. He conveyed the message of tolerance and human dignity to bring peace and stability to the world. This article is overview of different aspects of love and peace in his poetry.


Distinguished, Human Relationship, Love, Peace Tolerance, Human Dignity


Article # 8
Volume # 1
Issue # 3

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DOI Number: 10.47205/makhz.2020(1-III)8
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