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Comparison of Shelly and Faiz with respect to their Revolutionary Poetry


  1. Dr. Nazia Younis
    Assistant Professor, National University of Modern Languages, NUML Islamabad


Both Shelley and Faiz were geniuses of their own times. They were not contemporaries they surved so because of the similarities of their ideas, there is a bit scope of writing from multidimentional angles on his poetry but my focus is on the revolutionary aspects of their poetry. Their poetry was a source of inspiration for the ones who suffered greatly due to existing sociopolitical conditions which was result of a protract war in Engliand and an era of dictatorship in Pakistan. Both poets composed poetry to arouse the feelings of the down-trodden of the society and both have widespread appeal


Revolutionary poetery, Faiz Ahmed Faiz, Shelley, Struggle, Contributions, Power-Politics, Descrimination, Civil and human rights


Article # 9
Volume # 1
Issue # 3

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