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Urdu Literature is a Clear Reflection of Muslim Culture


  1. Dr. Asma Rani
    Assistant Professor, Department of Urdu, Govt. Sadiq College Women University, Bahawalpur
  2. Muhammad Abrar Siddiqui
    Scholar MPhil, National University of Modern Languages, Islamabad


From the beginning of Urdu language and literature to the present day of its development and rise, Muslims have always nurtured it. It is the manifestation of the mental and intellectual endeavors of the Muslim. The cultural aspect of Urdu language and literature is very bright and radiant. Due to which a nation is considered to be more cheerful humorous, civilized, polite and mentally elevated than other nations. This include the fine art i.e. literature, poetry, painting music and other occupations that human beings help to evoke and refine the sublet and beautiful taste of Urdu. It is a matter of pride that Urdu language and literature possesses on extra ordinary culture heritage. Undoubtedly, there is a valuable treasure of culture intellectual and creative excellence in Urdu literature. In this article, we will review these creations


Urdu literature, culture and Muslim culture, novel, short story, poetry


Article # 6
Volume # 1
Issue # 3

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