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Urdu-Turkish linguistic and literary collaborations


  1. Dr. Shaista Hameed Khan
    Assistant Professor, GC University, Lahore
  2. Dr. Rehana Kausar
    Associate Professor, Lahore Collage for women University, Lahore
  3. Dr. Safeer Haider
    Assistant Professor, GC University, Lahore


People who speak and understand Urdu language live in every part of the world. Beside this, Urdu language teaching is continuing in different countries of the world. There is a common tendency for reading, writing and learning Urdu in Turkey and the other countries of the world. Turkish universities have proper departments of Urdu. Linguistically, many commonalities are found in Urdu and Turkish language which has several reasons. In this article the common linguistic properties in Urdu and Turkish language have been proven according to syntax. Apart from this, this article also has a brief discussion about the literary, civilization and central relationship in the languages of these two countries.


Urdu, Turkey, Turkish, Language, Linguistic, Literature, Literary, Collaboration, civilization


Article # 10
Volume # 1
Issue # 3

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DOI Number: 10.47205/makhz.2020(1-III)10
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