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(2020) Volume 1, Issue 2

A Stylistic Study of "Circulation of Color Reds": Semantic Perspectives

  1. Prof. Dr. Rubina Shaheen
  2. Dr. Muhammad Altaf Yousaf Zai
  3. Amir Sohail
Abstract: Stylistics is one of the main branches of applied linguistics. It deals with the creative prose and has four core areas like phonology, morphology, syntax and semantics. Sometimes we also discuss pragmatics as a fifth angle of the same discipline. In the present article I discussed the basic concepts of semantics especially with the reference of foregrounding, the use of English phraseology in Urdu text, enumeration and slang words. As my article is based on theoretical and the practical applications of some stylistics devices so I selected the the famous Urdu novel of Qutratul Ain Haider and pin pointed the major examples from the text. Semantics carries many major and minor literary devices which elaborate the text and the process of meaning in it.
Pages: 1-18
Article: 1 , Volume 1 , Issue 2
DOI Number: 10.47205/makhz.2020(1-II)1
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Ritual of "Surah" in KPK Urdu Fiction: An Analysis

  1. Dr. Anwar Ali
  2. Dr. Tahir Abbas Taib
Abstract: There are numerous attributes in Pakhtunwali which shows the enlightened mind set of Pathans but it has its demerits as well. Pushtoons themselves don't approve of certain customs that they have been adhered to from ages. One of the bad customs in Pakhtoonwali is Swara. It is a statute of Pathans’ national and social constitution which is still in vogue in some remote and backward areas. It says that when a member of a pushtoon’s family is killed by an individual of another family and when both the families agree to bury the hatchet through arbitration of an impartial third party in order to stop further bloodshed, then Swara comes handy. And as a result, a maid of the murderer family is married off to the member of the bereaved family as compensation for the loss. Beside other bad practice, this too has been highlighted in Urdu fictions to convey the message that no one has the right to play with the lives of innocent individuals and that in case of mishap, only the culprit should bear the brunt. This treatise aims at showing the Pashtun an enlightened path and will prove to be milestone in pashtoon's culture.
Keyswords: Pakhtunwali, Swara , customs, statute of Pathans’ national and social constitution Urdu fictions , aspects & Social Awareness, Pashtoon's culture
Pages: 19-28
Article: 2 , Volume 1 , Issue 2
DOI Number: 10.47205/makhz.2020(1-II)2
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Light Essay in Urdu Literature

  1. Imtiaz Hussain
  2. Dr. Sadia Tahir
Abstract: Inshaiya is known as a genre of prose in Urdu literature. At first, there was a lot of discussion about understanding it and its form. Numerous articles were also written for and against it. Looking at the work that has been done on it in the last fifty, sixty years, it has to be said that Inshaiya has made tremendous evolution in Urdu literature and hundreds of Inshaiya collections have also been adorned with ornaments. Research papers have also been written on it in various universities. Many books have also appeared on Inshaiya art. Even PhD research papers have been written on it.Inshaiya is now continuing its evolutionary journey with full vigor. It is no longer difficult to understand his temperament. In the beginning, a few people paid attention to Inshaiya, but over time, hundreds or even thousands of writers came to Inshaiya and they put very excellent essays in the swing of Urdu literature. Along with new writers, when senior writers also paid attention to Urdu essays, its prestige increased further.
Pages: 29-40
Article: 3 , Volume 1 , Issue 2
DOI Number: 10.47205/makhz.2020(1-II)3
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21st Century Urdu Poetry and Dramatic Elements (Selected Studies)

  1. Dr. Fehmida Tabassum
  2. Dr. Irum Saba
Abstract: Literary movements and trends do not come and go with the flip of the calendar. People tend to gauge literary ideas and trends according to our own sence of time when they have their own natural courses which they must run through. There are three main kinds of poetry: narrative, dramatic and lyrical. Dramatic poetry is a kind of poetry which tells a story, Characters found in the poem like drama and their dialogues make poem impressive. This type of poetry aims at involving the reader in an experience or situation, and creates tension, immediacy, expectation, conflict. In dramatic poetry, poet expresses the deep emotions. This is a popular genre for opera. 12st century,s Urdu poet uses dramatic style like classical Urdu poets. The dramatic elements adorned and embellished 21st, s poetry.
Keyswords: Literary, Movement, Teends
Pages: 41-54
Article: 4 , Volume 1 , Issue 2
DOI Number: 10.47205/makhz.2020(1-II)4
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Aslam Ansari's Quartet

  1. Dabir Abbas
  2. Dr. Khalid Nadeem
Abstract: Aslam Ansari is a prominent contemporary Urdu poet. As well as being a poet, he is also considered as an important Iqbal Shanaas, researcher and critic. He has not only shown creative excellence in Urdu but has also written excellent poetry in Persian, English and Saraiki. In Urdu, not only he has written Ghazal and Nazm, but a fair number of quartrains are his poetic assets. He aslso successfully experimented with writing the first Urdu blank verse quartrains (Rubaaiyat-e-Muarra). This study involves purposive sampling and for that purpose number of his quartrains have been selected and analysed. The purposive samples have been analysed with qualitive method of analysis. The qualitative method serves the desired purpose of poetic analysis and new meanings have been found with unique literary, linguistic, stylistic, dramatic and poetic features.
Keyswords: Aslam Ansari, Poetry, Quartrain, Rubaaiyat-e-Muarra, Subject, Style
Pages: 55-71
Article: 5 , Volume 1 , Issue 2
DOI Number: 10.47205/makhz.2020(1-II)5
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Romantic Elements in Urdu Ghazal of Muhammad Jaan Atif

  1. Rubina Yasmin
Abstract: Romanticism is the essence of human nature and fundamental attribute of human society. Human life breaths in the lap of romanticism. Love and passion are the undeniable and unavoidable features of human interactions and poetic expressions. The reflection of these attributes evident in Urdu poetry as well. Muhammad Jaan Atif bases the foundation of his poetry upon these very sempiternal emotions. His venture is based on romance which has been presented by his own respective citation. In this article romantic elements will be developed in Muhammad Jaan Atif ode
Keyswords: Romanticism, passion, human, loved, Urdu odes, insanity, bounteous, authenticity, sempiternal, venture
Pages: 72-79
Article: 6 , Volume 1 , Issue 2
DOI Number: 10.47205/makhz.2020(1-II)6
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