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21st Century Urdu Poetry and Dramatic Elements (Selected Studies)


  1. Dr. Fehmida Tabassum
    Federal Urdu University of Science and Technology, Islamabad
  2. Dr. Irum Saba
    Punjab College for Womem


Literary movements and trends do not come and go with the flip of the calendar. People tend to gauge literary ideas and trends according to our own sence of time when they have their own natural courses which they must run through. There are three main kinds of poetry: narrative, dramatic and lyrical. Dramatic poetry is a kind of poetry which tells a story, Characters found in the poem like drama and their dialogues make poem impressive. This type of poetry aims at involving the reader in an experience or situation, and creates tension, immediacy, expectation, conflict. In dramatic poetry, poet expresses the deep emotions. This is a popular genre for opera. 12st century,s Urdu poet uses dramatic style like classical Urdu poets. The dramatic elements adorned and embellished 21st, s poetry.


Literary, Movement, Teends


Article # 4
Volume # 1
Issue # 2

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