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Light Essay in Urdu Literature


  1. Imtiaz Hussain
    PhD Urdu Scholar , Federal Urdu University of Science and Technology, Islamabad
  2. Dr. Sadia Tahir
    Assistant Professor , International Islamic University, Islamabad


Inshaiya is known as a genre of prose in Urdu literature. At first, there was a lot of discussion about understanding it and its form. Numerous articles were also written for and against it. Looking at the work that has been done on it in the last fifty, sixty years, it has to be said that Inshaiya has made tremendous evolution in Urdu literature and hundreds of Inshaiya collections have also been adorned with ornaments. Research papers have also been written on it in various universities. Many books have also appeared on Inshaiya art. Even PhD research papers have been written on it.Inshaiya is now continuing its evolutionary journey with full vigor. It is no longer difficult to understand his temperament. In the beginning, a few people paid attention to Inshaiya, but over time, hundreds or even thousands of writers came to Inshaiya and they put very excellent essays in the swing of Urdu literature. Along with new writers, when senior writers also paid attention to Urdu essays, its prestige increased further.



Article # 3
Volume # 1
Issue # 2

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