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A Stylistic Study of "Circulation of Color Reds": Semantic Perspectives


  1. Prof. Dr. Rubina Shaheen
    Urdu Department , Peshawar University
  2. Dr. Muhammad Altaf Yousaf Zai
    Urdu Department , Hazara University, Mansehra
  3. Amir Sohail
    Urdu Department , Abbotabad School and College


Stylistics is one of the main branches of applied linguistics. It deals with the creative prose and has four core areas like phonology, morphology, syntax and semantics. Sometimes we also discuss pragmatics as a fifth angle of the same discipline. In the present article I discussed the basic concepts of semantics especially with the reference of foregrounding, the use of English phraseology in Urdu text, enumeration and slang words. As my article is based on theoretical and the practical applications of some stylistics devices so I selected the the famous Urdu novel of Qutratul Ain Haider and pin pointed the major examples from the text. Semantics carries many major and minor literary devices which elaborate the text and the process of meaning in it.



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