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(2022) Volume 3, Issue 1

Dr Abdus Sattar Siddiqi’s Acquaintance of Ghalib

  1. Dr. Zafar Hussain Zafar
  2. Mahfooz Hussain
Abstract: Dr Abdus Sattar Siddiqi is an expert researcher, critic, editor and Ghalib’s acquaintance. Dr Siddiqi served in Ghalib’s scholastic efforts, editing and critical references. He edited first text draft of Ghalib’s letters”Insha-E- Ghalib”. (Which was corrected by Ghalib himself)? He wrote scholia on it. This draft was edited for the syllabic need of the new British in India. Malik Ram also wrote further Scholia on it. In editing text this piece of writing is the most important in Ghalib’s letters. Besides it Dr. Siddiqi wrote six essays with references to Ghalib. In every article he applied research, editing text and basic Principles of critical text. In this way he successfully tried to arrange the pure text by acting upon the editing rules according to “the intention of author”. He wrote about pronunciation of Urdu. After it he worked about Mirza Ghalib.
Keyswords: Researcher, Pronunciation, Editor, Ghalib’s acquaintance, Linguist
Pages: 1-16
Article: 1 , Volume 3 , Issue 1
DOI Number: 10.47205/makhz.2022(3-I)1
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Analytical Study of Khalid Alig's Poetry

  1. Perwaiz Ahmed Kamboh
  2. Muhammad Arif Pathan
  3. Ayaz Ali Jarah
Abstract: Khalid Alig is one of the great poets of Pakistan. The greatest virtue of his poetry is that he made his poetry known to the people. Where the elements of pain are evident in poetry, the same resistance poetry is evident on its own. Khalid Alig's poetry we also see the beautiful creation of aesthetics along with revolution, resistance, constant struggle. He is not a poet of struggle. The center of Khalid Alig's poetry was not only Pakistani society but he was a universal poet. Khalid Alig raised his voice for every oppressed person.
Keyswords: Khalid Alig, Annoying poet, Aesthetics, Constant struggle
Pages: 17-25
Article: 2 , Volume 3 , Issue 1
DOI Number: 10.47205/makhz.2022(3-I)2
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The Critical Study of Radio Azad Jamu and Kashmir Drama Chinaroun Kay Aansu

  1. Abid Ali
  2. Prof. Dr. Muhammad Altaf Hussain
  3. Sadiq Iqbal
Abstract: In regions of Azad and occupied Kashmir, radio Muzaffarabad and its broadcasting enhanced Kashmir art and culture along with independent movement of Kashmir that was propagated to the whole world and played a role of silent soldiers for independence movement of Kashmir this is the reason, the broadcasting of radio dramas in Azad Kashmir earned historical, social, political, civilizational and literally identity in Kashmir.
Keyswords: Occupied, Broadcasting, Enhanced, Propagated, Civilizational, Literally, Identity
Pages: 26-31
Article: 3 , Volume 3 , Issue 1
DOI Number: 10.47205/makhz.2022(3-I)3
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Patriotism in Javed Manzar's Poetry

  1. Fatima Andleeb
  2. Dr. Muhammad Rehman
  3. Dr. Mutahir Shah
Abstract: Javed Manzar is a poet of civilized expression. He started his Poetic Journey when he was a schoolboy of 13 years. As his Poetic career progressed, his poetry took a new dimension towards maturity of mind and simplicity in style. There is a novelty in his thoughts and simplicity in his diction. All these qualities are a source of enhancing the impact of his poetry. The freshness of ideas, the eloquence in expression, the distinctive style of communication, all go together to make him the Poetic of unique style and Diction.His poetry depicts the love for motherland,which needs no justification. He takes pride in having Urdu as his mother tongue and national language‘’.
Keyswords: Javed Manzar, Poetic Style, Civilized Tone, Patriotism
Pages: 32-42
Article: 4 , Volume 3 , Issue 1
DOI Number: 10.47205/makhz.2022(3-I)4
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The novel "Neeli Bar" from Internal issues to External Facts

  1. Dr. Rani Sabir Ali
  2. Dr. Tahir Abbas
  3. Dr. Wasif Iqbal Siddiqui
Abstract: The novel “Neeli Bar” brings forward the complex aspects of Pakistan Nationalism, Cultural and civilized problems. This nation flourished after 1947. Tahir Iqbal has presented the problems of refugees related to their homelessness, migration and broken values through the characters. Human Senses are stunned by the way how shadow less heinous agents sexually exploits the children. She extremely feels the pain of martyrs in Afghan war. The incident of 9/11 increases this pain. The loss of lives is shown through drones attacks. The worriers are surprised because they are only fighters who are sometimes encouraged to fight against the foreign powers and sometimes plan the suicide blasts against their near ones and damage the repute of Islam.
Keyswords: Urdu Literature, Urdu Novel, Tahira Iqbal, Novel Neeli Bar
Pages: 43-49
Article: 5 , Volume 3 , Issue 1
DOI Number: 10.47205/makhz.2022(3-I)5
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Western and Eastern Perspectives of Feminism

  1. Faiza Mazhar Alvi
  2. Syed Azwar Abbas
  3. Jawaria zafar
Abstract: In this article the key perspectives of feminism with respect to east and west has been discussed. Every movement in literature or with socio-political aspects has some reasons or specific phenomena’s behind it. East and west with respect to feminism deals with the social, political, professional and personal rights of women, the rights which was abandoned during the dark ages of Europe and the movement of feminism has its origin in the west (France) with a lot of influence on international level especially in east. Feminism has grown with the help of literature all around the world. It discusses women’s rights to establish civilized societies. In western and eastern perspective, the basic demand with every aspect of life is, to deal with women as a human first.
Keyswords: feminism, western perspective, eastern perspective, social rights, political rights, Dark Age of Europe
Pages: 50-60
Article: 6 , Volume 3 , Issue 1
DOI Number: 10.47205/makhz.2022(3-I)06
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Prof. Ahmad Fawad an Anti Traditional Poet

  1. Tariq Aziz
  2. Sidiq Iqbal
  3. Dr. Muhammad Altaf Yousafzai
Abstract: Ahmad Fawad is a professor in English. He has already published three combinations of Urdu poetry. He is the Mir-e-karwan of the Urdu poets of swat. His poetry is an example of indecency and Narrative. I have not restricted myself, but have taken my imagination flight to the house. The fascinating and ethical system of Ahmad Fawad poetry is not based on poetic dramatism, but these symbols are apparently simple but their original, third Darwinists are immersive and universal. Their rhythm’s poetry and successful experience , their physical power and subordinate order. Creative sign of deviation from the new linguistic argument in his poetry.His unique style of comfort makes him different from other poets.
Keyswords: Ahmad Fawad, Urdu poetry, Narrative, symbols, successful experience, unique style, linguistic argument
Pages: 61-82
Article: 7 , Volume 3 , Issue 1
DOI Number: 10.47205/makhz.2022(3-I)7
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