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Yousuf Khan Kambal Posh First Man and Rafia Nazli Sultan First Female Travelogue


  1. Dr. Sadaf Fatima
    Assistant Professor , Department of Urdu , University of Karachi
  2. Uzma Noreen
    Scholar Ph.D Urdu , G.C Women University, Sialkot


Travelogue, an important feature of Urdu literature is used to narrate one’s observation and experiences during a particular travel. In fact it is a big source to know about the values, norms and geographical features of an area. A travelogue is considered at its best when among other things it entails the civic and academic aspects also. Yousaf Khan “Kambale posh” a resident of Hyderabad wrote the first ever travelogue in Urdu with the name of “Tareikh e yusfi” It is also known by the name of “Ajaiybaat e Frang” His style is soft attractive and heart touching. The first female to write a Travelodge in Urdu is Nazli Raffia Sultan, who wrote about her Europe travel with the name of “Sair e Europe “ Subsequently so many writers have contributed in this field.


Travelogue, Observation. Civic, Contribution and Europe


Article # 7
Volume # 2
Issue # 4

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