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The Qur’anic Combination in Poetical and Thoughtful Style of Allama Muhammad Iqbal


  1. Mrs. Rifat Choudhry
    Scholar PhD , (Iqbal Studies), AIOU, Islamabad
  2. Dr. Muhammad Afzal Butt
    Chairperson , Department of Urdu , GC Women University, Sialkot
  3. Professor Dr. Rubina Tareen
    Ex Professor , Department of Urdu , BZU Multan


Allama Muhammad Iqbal was a multidimensional personality. There were a lot of thoughtful and philosophical aspects in his nature. The source of inspiration, light, energy, and motivation for all these aspects in his character was the Holy Qur’an. Keeping in mind the heights and peaks of knowledge and intuition which Allama Iqbal attained through ancient and modern education, he was fundamentally first discovering and then presenting the message of Qur’an through his poetry. He was not just only a poet, but also a teacher of Qur’an, whose poetry was a blend, combination and infact a tafseer of Qur’an. This is one of the reasons we see a lot of references from the Holy Qur’an throughout his poetical work. He used the Qur’anic phrases, words, and terminologies many a times in his poems and was affirmed about that if we want to understand the true message of Qur’an, we need to learn the Arabic Language and Literature. His poetical style of expression is no doubt Qur’anic style. When we read in depths the poetry, essays, letters, and conversations of Allama Iqbal, we find that he had a splendid power of belief, and his heart was filled with contentment. He strongly believed that Qur’anic style is the Almighty Allah’s style and that was the reason of adopting the Qur’anic way in his poetry. This essay deals with the combination of Qur’an in his poetical and philosophical thoughts


Qur’anic Combination, Poetical Style, Philosophical world, Intuition, Belief, Light of Pen


Article # 6
Volume # 2
Issue # 1

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