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The Poetry of Ghalib and “Raqs-e-Sharar


  1. Dr. Nazia Younis
    Assistant Professor , Urdu Department , National University of Modern Languages, Islamabad


Shaukat Mahmood Shaukat (Nov 03, 1967) is a renowned poet, critic and researcher. He wrote more than half dozen books related to poetry and research. “Raqs-e-Sharar” is one of his valuable poetry books. It is amazing to view some glimpses of the style and the thoughts of Ghalib in the different verses of “Raqs-e-Sharar”. In this article, comparison of both the poets has been carried out through examples and illustrations, which are taken by their poet.


Ghalib, Shaukat, Poetry, Raqs-e-Sharar, Style, Thoughts, Verses and Examples


Article # 13
Volume # 2
Issue # 1

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DOI Number: 10.47205/makhz.2021(2-I)13
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