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Subjective Study of Agha Baber’s Short Stories


  1. Rabia Rehman
    Ph.D. Scholar (Urdu) , Assistant Professor (Urdu) , Govt. Associate College for Women, Yazman
  2. Prof. Dr. Robina Rafiq
    Chairperson , Department of Urdu , The Islamia University of Bahawalpur


One of the striking and significant name of Urdu Fiction in forties was Agha Baber. He is known as fictionist, Playwriter, Columnist, Interpreter and Autobiographer, but his real recognition is his fiction writing. Agha Baber belongs to that era of Pakistan’s Fiction in which variety of subjects and techniques were introduced by the legendary fictionists. Agha Baber’s major themes are human Physiology, emotions and sentiments. He enlighted the hidden corner of human mind and psychology in his fiction. He discussed “Sex” ewelessly. He is known for his erotic aspects in fiction.This research article sightfully evaluate the subject matters of his fiction work.


Agha Baber, Fiction, Legendary, Psychology, Sex, Rcognization, subject matter


Article # 5
Volume # 2
Issue # 4

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DOI Number: 10.47205/makhz.2021(2-IV)5
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