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Novel and History----Similarities and Differences


  1. Muhammad Ashraf
    Ph.D Scholar, Department of Urdu, University of Sargodha
  2. Dr. Khalid Nadeem
    Department of Urdu, University of Sargodha


Novel and History are though different sources of knowledge but there is a deep relation between them. This relation provides the base of creative sense in literary works. Both Novel and History play their role to highlight the different aspects of a society in particular era. Both the Novelist and the Historian try to elaborate the colors of human life in different ways. In this article the similarities and the differences between Novel and History are being discussed. There are so many differences are found between the both which established a line of difference very clearly


Nowel, History, Discourse, Subjective, Objective, Creative Sense


Article # 14
Volume # 2
Issue # 3

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DOI Number: 10.47205/makhz.2021(2-III)14
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