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Manifestations of Iranian Civilization and Culture in Pakistani Urdu Novel (With reference to the Qila Framoshi and Dasht e Soos


  1. Bilqees Akhtar
    Ph. D Scholar , Department of Urdu , Govt. College Women University Faisalabad
  2. Dr. Tahira Iqbal
    Professor , Department of Urdu , Govt. College Women University Faisalabad


Iran is a center of civilization since ancient times. Many regions of the world are greatly influenced by Persian culture and civilization. Persian knowledge, art, philosophy and literature are specifically followed. Many genres of Persian had a great impact on Urdu literature. Being situated in neighbourhood, Urdu novels have contents pertaining Persian culture and civilization. Jamila Hashmi in “Dasht. E. soos” and Fahmida Riaz in “Qila framoshi” have presented Persian civilization. Focusing the life of a historic character in “dasht. E. soos”, there is a narration of Islamic mysticism, Persian living styles, habits and beliefs of Iranians. While Fahmida Riaz in “Qila framoshi” under the cover of the initial socialist revolutionary “Mazdac”, introduces the Iran of that time when religions and civilizations were under evolutionary stages in Iran. She presents parsi religion, social mentalities, public beliefs and the occupation of society by parsi leaders in addition to Persian civilization of that era from historic point of view.


Iran, Civilization, Culture, Ancient, Persian, Urdu Novel, Historic


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Volume # 2
Issue # 4

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