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Magical Realism Discourse and Application: Technical Study of Urdu Novel


  1. Muhammad Ramzan
    Scholar Ph.D Urdu , Department of Urdu , NUML, Islamabad
  2. Dr. Ambreen Tabassum Shakir Jan
    Associate Professor , Department of Urdu , NUML, Islamabad


The term "Magical realism" is used for “Jadowi Haqiqat” in Urdu Novel. Magical realism is a modern technique in novel writing, used initially by Hawan Ralpho in his Novels. Afterwards Gabriel Garcia also used this technique in his novels in “Hundred Years of Solitude”. Whereas in Urdu literature Qurah tul Ainn Haider Mirza, Ather Baig, Dr. Muhammad Ahsen Farooqi , Shamas ur Rehman Farooqi, Mustanser Hussain Tarrar, Akhtar Raza Saleemi and Syed Kashif Raza also used this term in their respective Fictional Works. Keeping in view of Aristotle, he also considered it an effective method to present one's narrative dimensions in fiction. The Fiction writing style has been changed up to the establishment of Pakistan as the structure of social and political changes occur, so for the writing conventions/ dimensions in prose necessarily be changed. The change in writing style also provided new writing conventions and dimensions in proses literary works. Else that the international raise also provided thoughts and works techniques in the subcontinent, the Inner matters and new emerging trends in prose writing, are the major themes of modern novels.


Universality, Literature, Sublimation, Imagery, Imagination, Realism, Social Realism, Climax


Article # 5
Volume # 2
Issue # 1

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