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Iqbal's Concept of Life


  1. Mr. Usman Ghani Raad
    Senior Instructor , Department of Urdu , National University of Modern Languages, Islamabad
  2. Muhammad Abrar Siddiqui
    MPhil Scholar , National University of Modern Languages, Islamabad


If Iqbal's poetry is thoroughly reviewed by both Urdu and Persian, it would seem that Iqbal teaches mankind to move forward in general and Muslim in particular, to understand life. The main purpose of any human being is to observe his surroundings and then to find the key to his success for the future. In Iqbal's poetry, all the metaphors, symbols , Shaheen, Mard e Momin, Aql o Khirad and Khudi and philosophy should be assembled at one point and we see this point as a particularly, It is believed that Iqbal teaches man only and only activity


Iqbal, Poetry, Urdu, Persian, Mankind, Muslim, Life, Metaphors, Shaheen, Mard e Momin, Philosophy


Article # 3
Volume # 2
Issue # 1

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