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Impacts of the partition of Hind on A Hameed’s Novel “Darbay


  1. Dr. Robina Rashid
    Lecturer , Department of Urdu , Shaheed Benazir Bhutto Women University, Peshawar
  2. Dr. Muhammad Rahman
    Assistant Professor , Department of Urdu , Hazara University, Mansehra
  3. Dr. Bismina Siraj
    Assistant Professor , Department of Urdu , Shaheed Benazir Bhutto Women University Peshawar


A Hameed was a prominent story writer and novelist of Urdu. He authored a large number of books and got fame through his biography and travelogue books. A Hameed had an impressive writing style which attracted the readers. He made perfervid illustriousness in the realm of Urdu Literature through his writings especially by his novels and stories. Most of his novels have been published after the partition of India because his literary narratives and norms badly confronted the consequences of the Partition. His first novel ’’ Darbay’’ portraits and encompasses the entire happenings and events took place during the partition. In addition to providing the succinct contemporary review of the most significant issue of the refugees, the author also evaluates social, economic and political instabilities of citizens of the newly born state. The Novel’’ Darbay’’ was written in the same context.


Impacts, Partition, Succinct, Illustriousness, Encompass, Portrait, Contemporary, Perfervid


Article # 4
Volume # 2
Issue # 4

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