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Effects of New Poetry Movement on Urdu Fiction (Style and Technique)


  1. Samina Siddiqui
    Assistant Professor , Department of Urdu , NUML, Islamabad


The 60's generally brought to the fore the different angles and experiences of symbolic technique. Which broke the framework of fiction and gave it an experimental level and turned it into a journey from the outside to the inside. Symbolism, modern fiction written under the influence of symbolism was actually under the influence of a new poem which was influenced by modernity under the influence of Marxist, aesthetic and psychological tendencies. The new poem was a form of expression. He also added foreign and symbolic stains to the fictions. Thus, the styles and experiences of the new poems of the sixties seem to be a part of modern Urdu fiction.


Style, Modernity, Psychological Psychology, Freedom of Thought, Abstraction, Symbolic Indicative Style, Imagery, Flexibility, Illustration, Traditional Deviation


Article # 7
Volume # 2
Issue # 1

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