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A Study of Baloch Woman’s Character in Urdu Travelogues


  1. Nazia Kanwal
    Scholor Phd Urdu, NUML Islamabad
  2. Dr. Saima Nazir
    Assistant Professor Urdu , NUML Islamabad


Balochistan is a remote and underdeveloped region replete with the wealth old culture and civilization. Our Urdu travelogue writers have splendidly explored this treasure in their writings. These writers have adroitly portrayed such an excellent depictionof this distant region which rightly demonstrates the overall picture of Balochistan in terms of its old culture, civilization and life style. Urdu travelogues have brought every nook and corner of Balochistan’s civilization and culture at forefront. The topic of Baloch woman is in itself an embodiment of oppressed woman. This poor daughter of Eve not only carries the burden of life but bears the brunt of associated burdens and reflects the pitiable and suppressed being. Our writers have truly brought at surface the injustices meted out to Baloch woman and provided the readers of literature invaluable stock of information regarding miserable condition of Baloch woman. These writers have given voice to the oppressd woman and provided her place in their writings which helped her message to reach out to the readers. This article has attempted to unmask the unique culture of Baluchistan. The article under study will deeply analyze the miseries of Baloch woman. Travelogue is primary genre of urdu literature which consists of observable incidents. A travelogue writer notes down his/her first hand and empirical observation which testifies the worth of this genre.


Urdu travelogue, oppressed woman of Balochistan, Ancient civilization and culture, mirror/reflection of Balochistan Stranger in own homeland, Kallat’s travelogue


Article # 15
Volume # 2
Issue # 4

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